Monday, February 27

The Baltam Case

The Baltam Case is turning out to be a strange one. Mr Baltam is a middle aged Chinese man. Very neat, very smart, very well turned out. Except the damn guy can barely speak a word of English. I'm currently trying to find out just what the Baltam case actually. Judging by the photograph which came in the file, it's a missing person job.

My suspicions are confirmed when a terrified informat tells me that the kid in the photo is being held hostage by a gang. Some Chinese group calling themselves the Eigonvector Gang. I'm going to have to find out about the gang, find where the kid is being held, and break him out.

It takes quite a while to track down the kid. The Eigonvectors have several hideouts across town. I end up being locked in one of them for a sore night as the guest of honour. Eventually, I track down the kid's location to Stanmer House, a tired estate just out of town. Things go wrong as I try and break him out. Baltam's kid gets gunned down in the crossfire.

I returned the body to Baltam, who accepted it sadly. I don't yet know whethe Baltam will send a cheque. But I know damn sure that I don't deserve much for letting the poor kid down.