Monday, February 27

Project Thompson

Project Thompson started a couple of months ago. Mr Thompson - a nervous, balding man - came to me one day with quite a story. Paranoid, babbling, he described a train wreck of events which have put him in a hole. What he wanted me for was to recover an old firearm - some kind of antique. Thompson told me that all he wanted to do was fire the weapon again, and that he'd feel safer with it at his side. I put him down as a nut, but took his money.

Not long after Thompson's first visit, things started to go a little sour for me. My best contacts and informants started disappearing. Cases started drying up, forcing me to resort to the "lost cat" files. The dice consistently seemed to roll against me.

The connection didn't click, until very recently when Thompson tried to have me killed. Now all I want is answers. Thompson has be sabotaging me on the sly for months. Why?

Thompson used to work for a Big City Cat by the name of Thornton. Thompson was paid to sabotage me after sinking some of Thornon's illegal businesses a while a back. But Thompson blew it, and Thornton cut him off.

I don't like being headhunted. I can't touch Thornton personally. But Thompson has given me a hard time, and killed some of my best contacts beside. Since Thornton let him go, Thompson has been hard to track down. But I'll find him, and get payback for all the harm he's done.

Recently, I seem to have found a shadowed ally in my search for Thompson. One of Thornton's secreteries - a woman by the name of k - feeds me bits of location about Thompson and his whereabouts by leaving me notes folded up in origami. I don't know whether K is on my side, or anotehr subtle effort to sabotage me. But so far, her information has been reliable.