Sunday, March 5

Blue M. Miles

Blue is a private investigator, working in Brighton, England. He spends his time trying to solve the tricky and often dangerous cases that get foisted on him. He's a gritty, hard-boiled character who has been driven to bitterness by the cold, sinful world he sees every day.

The following is a selection of Blue's journal notes, inner monologues, and recordings of his experiences. For best reading, check the Casefile to see entries on any given case, and read through one case at a time (You'll have to read backwards, from the bottom-up). Alternatively, check the case Briefing for a summary of the case so far: the initial job, and any changes of direction which may have ensued. A selection of highlights from Blue's darkest days can be found under Hall of Fame in the casefile.

The world is a strange and twisted place. It could be that, in a parallel universe, a different start in life could have lead Blue to university, to work hard to meet assignments set by eccentric lecturers, desperatley try to get out of bed in the mornings, and maybe even have a good time or two. What a strange, strange world that would be.

Pretty much everything in these blogs is taken, at some level, from that which we so naively call 'real life'.

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