Saturday, January 19

Underdog (Save Me)

It hung over me all day.

Like cigarette smoke clinging to a shirt, her gaze haunted me every time I let my guard down.

The job had sidetracked me already. I resolved to find out more about this woman, to get another moment of peace, to find that serenity once more.

Once again, I was the underdog. Serenity like that couldn't stay pure with the likes of me. I'd set myself an impossible task.

One night of regret. One day in a dark room. Night comes and I crawl to the Whiskey bottle. But it's a different kind of peace now. It's second best.

Please save me. Save me from myself.


amoe said...

Two black lines screaming out like a guidance line
We're off on the road now where the cyborgs are driving
With the WD-40 in their veins
The screechy little brakes complain

BlueMillionMiles said...

I had to watch my back closely. Had I been rumbled? Had I been betrayed? It felt like every wall, every secret, every defence I had had been shattered into a thousand tiny peices. I gazed into what I thought was my own shadow, until its eyes opened and stared back into mine.

I had to move carefully from now on. Amoe knew all the tricks, and never missed a mark. God bless the bastard, but maybe he'd saved me from myself after all.